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Connecting LinkedIn Web Service to Canvas (Instructor)

Learn how to connect LinkedIn as a web service in Canvas. This is designated for Edmonds College Instructors Instructions 1. Open User Settings. Click the Account link [1], then click the Settings link [2].2. Click the LinkedIn button underneath the Other Services heading3. Click the Register You...

Canvas Guides for Instructors

Use this extensive guide as a reference on how to manage and navigate your Canvas courses. It features an array of How-To articles to guide your Canvas experience. Link Canvas Instructor Guides Support Faculty who need support in Canvas are advised to contact the TRC for assistance.

Add/Drop People Form for Canvas Course (Faculty)

Before You Begin This form should be completed by the course instructor on record, the division dean, or the vice president of instruction. A request must be generated by the Lead Instructor of the course, the Department Chair, the Division Dean, or the Office of Instruction authorizing the ...

How Do I Get to ctcLink Employee Training?

1. To register for ctcLink faculty and staff training, go to the ctcLink Readiness Canvas Course Registration website2. Choose Edmonds College as the Institution.3. Enter your Canvas default email address. Locate your default email in Canvas Click on your account/icon located on the top left...

Faculty Grading Site

Open the Faculty Grading Site to learn more about Faculty Grading at Edmonds College. This page contains the following: Grading Deadlines Faculty Grading Guidelines Entering & Submitting Grades Grade Changes Site Link Faculty Grading Site

Request Faculty or Staff Zoom Pro Account

To request a Faculty or Staff Zoom Pro account, open the link below and complete the Zoom Pro Account Request Form. Be sure to be signed in to your Employee Email account when completing the form.Note: We cannot guarantee that you will receive a Zoom Pro account, but our team will do our best to ...

Accessing Canvas

This tutorial covers how to access an Edmonds College Canvas account. You must log in with your ctcLink ID. What is my ctcLink ID? New Students: Refer to the admissions letter sent by Enrollment Services for your ctcLink ID. If you cannot locate your ctcLink ID, you must obtain this from Enrollme...