Equipment Checkout and Return

Checking out a Chromebook? Renewing? Returning?


A limited number of Chromebooks are available to support students who are actively enrolled in Edmonds College and who do not have access to any other computing device. Chromebooks may be borrowed from the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) department.

on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible students.

All Edmonds College technology must be used in a manner that is consistent with the college’s mission and values.

Chromebook Checkout and Return

  • Location:   Alderwood Hall-first floor (walk-up window)
  • The request form must be completed in person

Chromebook Renewal

  • Renewals must be completed in person at Alderwood Hall-first floor (walk-up window) or via Zoom with an IT Agent.
  • Zoom Hours of Operation


  • Enrolled in a class with one or more credits. (ITSM will verify that the student is enrolled prior to issuing a device.)
  • Student is only eligible to check out one Chromebook at a time for the current quarter.
  • Students must present a current EdPass ID card to pick up a Chromebook.
  • Student does not have any other functional personal mobile device, i.e.: Mac Book, personal Chromebook, PC Chromebook, etc. (The devices available from ITSM are for students in need who have no other optional devices).
  • When the Chromebook is no longer needed for student coursework at Edmonds College, the student will return it to ITSM located in Alderwood Hall - first floor (walk-up window)  immediately so that another student may have an opportunity to use it.


  • The device loan is for the duration of the current academic term. 
  • The device must  be returned in person to an ITSM employee located in Alderwood Hall - first floor (walk-up window) by  June 21, 2024


  • CARE: The Borrower agrees to take care of the Chromebook. This includes keeping it in a safe and secure location and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or liquids.
  • DAMAGES: The Borrower may be held responsible for the cost of any damages, loss, or theft of the Chromebook that occurs during the borrowing period. The Borrower should immediately report any damages or issues to the ITSM.  ITSM may be able to fix the issue.
  • RETURN: The Borrower shall return the Chromebook and charger in person to an ITSM employee located in Alderwood Hall-first floor (walk-up window) by  June 21, 2024.  The Borrower will be required to wait while the ITSM employee verifies that the Chromebook and all accessories have been returned. 
  • PERSONAL DATA: The Borrower agrees to save any and all files or personal information to their Google drive and not to the device itself. All personal data will be wiped upon return and the College shall not be held responsible for any lost data.
  • LOSS OR DAMAGE:  In the event of loss or damage because of accident, theft, misuse, or carelessness while the item (Chromebook or laptop) is in the Borrower’s possession, the Borrower may be responsible for its replacement cost of up to $500.00, and the replacement cost for its accessories (charger & etc.). The replacement cost of the charger is $50. 
  • AUTHORIZED USE:  The Chromebook is intended for Edmonds College academic use only. This device is to be used for lawful purposes only and in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws. The Borrower agrees not to lend, share, or otherwise provide access to the Chromebook to any person other than an ITSM employee. Any use of the Chromebook for other purposes is not authorized by Edmonds College.  
  • TERMINATION: Edmonds College reserves the right to terminate the borrowing period, with or without cause. In such cases, the Borrower shall return the Chromebook immediately upon notification.
  • USAGE: The Borrower should be aware that ITSM may receive device information such as usage or non-usage. In an effort to have the device returned, ITSM may contact the borrower if the borrower is no longer enrolled, no login has occurred within 30 days, or unauthorized use is detected.
  • DISABLING OF DEVICE: ITSM may disable the device remotely in the event of unauthorized use, or failure to return on time.

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  • Request new equipment: Your supervisor must submit a request by going to the site to submit a ticket.

Based on availability. IT equipment needs/requests will vary based on the department. Please submit a ticket if you have any questions.

See the quarter schedule: Edmonds College Academic Calendar

Tech Support

Submit a service ticket by going to Edmonds College IT Help Center

FAQ - Equipment Checkout & Return