How to Log in to an EC Student Chromebook

Need to Checkout a Chromebook?

Students: Visit the Library (Lynnwood Hall, 3rd floor) to obtain a Chromebook. No appointment is necessary. Have your ctcLink ID number ready for verification.  

Before You Begin

Important: Before signing in to an Edmonds College Chromebook, you must first set up your Triton ID. After setting up your Triton ID, you will be able to access your Triton Email ( account which is required to sign in to the Chromebook.

To set up your Triton ID, review our article on How to Activate your Triton ID (Student). Once you have set up your Triton ID, follow these steps to log in to an Edmonds College Student Chromebook


1. Power on the Chromebook
2. On the bottom-left of the screen, click on the Add Person button
Note: If you are already in a Guest session, click on the Exit Session button on the bottom right. After that, you may click on the Add Person button
3. You will be prompted to 'Sign in to your Chromebook' and asked to enter your email or phone number. Do NOT sign in using a personal Gmail ( account. You will sign in with your Triton email account: (EXAMPLE:

5. Click on Next
6. Enter your Triton ID password
7. Click on Next
8. You will now be signed in to your Chromebook. After a few moments, your applications will load, and you may access your Canvas account, join Zoom meetings, manage your ctcLink account, and more!


If you are experiencing issues logging in to your college-provided Chromebook, please submit a new ticket, and our IT agents will gladly assist you.
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