How to Activate Your ctcLink Account (Employees)

Before You Begin


1. Go to the ctcLink Login page

2. Click on Activate Your Account

Note: Ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled for this page in order to proceed

3. A pop-up dialogue box will appear. Click on OK

4. Follow the instructions by entering your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and ctcLink ID number. Under 'ID Type', select 'ctcLink ID'.

5. Once all of your information has been entered, click on Submit. If you run into an error, verify the accuracy of the name, date of birth, and ID you entered. If your information is correct and you still cannot submit it, please submit a ticket for assistance.

6. You will now be prompted to set up your account. Enter your personal email address, complete the security question/answer information, enter a valid U.S. phone number, and create a new password.


  • Enter a personal email address that you have reliable access to. College communications including registration, financial aid, etc. will be directed to this address
  • You’ll need your security answer to reset your password, please remember them!
  • Tech Support CANNOT recover questions or answers for you

Set Your Password/Account Recovery page

7. Click on Submit when you are done

8. Your account will be activated right away. Be sure to take note of your ctcLink ID and always have this number ready

Your account has been activated message

You may now proceed to the ctcLink login page and sign in with your ctcLink ID and newly created password.

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