How to Activate your Triton ID (Student)

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Triton ID is only available for registered students. You may only activate your Triton ID up to 24 hours after you register for at least 1 credit. If you are taking a non-credit-bearing course, please submit a ticket to have your Triton ID created.




Before you begin:

Part 1: Obtain your Triton ID
1. Proceed to the Triton ID Lookup Tool
2. Enter your ctcLink ID and birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) and click on SUBMIT
3. If successful, an automated email address will be sent to your preferred email address in ctcLink
4. Open your preferred email account in a new tab/window. Locate and open the email titled 'Triton ID Verification'.
Note: It may take several minutes for the email to appear. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders if it does not appear in your main inbox. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the Service Desk by submitting a new ticket
5. The Triton ID Verification email will contain a 4-digit verification code. This code is valid for 1 hour. Write down this code temporarily.
6. Within the same Triton ID Verification email, locate the Triton ID Lookup Tool link and click on it
7. The link will open on your web browser, and here, you will enter the 4-digit verification code. Click on Submit
8. Your Triton ID information will be displayed. Write down this information for future reference:
  • Triton ID
  • Triton Email (G Suite) address
  • Triton ID temporary password: The first two letters of your first name (The first letter is capitalized, the second letter is lowercase), and the last 6 digits of your ctcLink ID. 
Example only:
First Name: Edward
- ctcLink ID: 201234567
Temporary password = Ed234567

Part 2: Activate your Triton ID
1. Proceed to the Triton Access portal
2. Enter your information like so:
  • Username: Triton ID 
  • Password: Your Triton ID temporary password
3. Click on Sign In
4. You will now be prompted to change your temporary password and create your own new password. Under Old password, enter again your temporary password. Below, enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm. Be sure to follow the password requirements stated on the page.
5. Click on Change Password
6. You will now be prompted to set up your account security. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter an account recovery email address, account recovery question, and (optional) phone number for text messages (standard text rates may apply). Once completed, click Create My Account.
NOTE: After entering a secondary email and clicking Create My Account, you must go to the email address you entered to confirm it as your secondary email.


You have obtained and activated your Triton ID. You may now access the following Edmonds College Campus Technology Resources:


If you experienced any issues with this process, please submit a new ticket, and our IT agents will gladly assist you.
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