How to Activate your Triton Access Account

The Triton Access account consists of your Triton ID Username and Triton Email. You will use this to access Edmonds College Campus Technology Resources.

Before you begin

Triton ID Instructions (Student)

  • NOTE: Triton Access account passwords expire after 120 days. If you are experiencing issues logging in with your Triton ID/Email, manage your password using the Triton Access page.

Activation Dates

After the designated date below, you will be able to activate your Triton ID 24-48 hours after you have enrolled in a credit course.

The Triton Access account is NOT the same as your ctcLink account.

  • Triton Access is used for EC campus technology resources (Triton Email, Triton WiFi, Computer Labs, Chromebooks, and more)
  • ctcLink is used to manage college business (register for classes, pay for tuition, view unofficial transcripts, etc.)

Additional Resources