How to Make an Online Payment in ctcLink

Before You Begin

You must have access to your ctcLink account to pay for your classes


1. Go to the ctcLink login page

2. Enter your ctcLink ID and ctcLink account password. Click on Verify

3. Click Student Homepage, then Financial Accounts

4. Select Payments

5. Select Make a Payment

6. Review the amount that you owe. 

7. Specify the payment amount under Payment Amount and click on Next

Specify Payment Amount page

8. Confirm your payment by selecting Continue to Make Payment.

Confirm Payment page

9. Then you will be directed to the billing page. Complete each of the tabs to enter your billing information, enter payment, review and submit your payment.

Billing Information page

10. You have now completed a payment on your financial account.

Payment Result page


There may be sporadic issues with online payment. Outage information is posted on the ctcLink portal so review this before proceeding.

If you are experiencing issues with online payment, please clear your browser cache, try a different web browser, use a different device, or log in to an incognito window.

Follow these tips:

Still experiencing issues? You can mail a check or schedule an appointment to pay by cash. Contact the Cashier's Office:

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