How to Attach a Google Drive Document in Gmail

Learn how to attach and send a file/folder from your Google Drive to send via Triton Email or Employee Email.

  • Advantages of attaching documents through Google Drive include that you can send files as large as 15 gigabytes (GB).  
  • You also have the option to collaborate on files with the recipients. You can delete the file or update the sharing settings to restrict a recipient's access at any time.


1. Go to and log in to your Triton Email/Employee Email account.

2. Once you have signed into your Triton Email or Employee Email account, click on the COMPOSE button on the top-left to open a new message window.

3.  At the bottom of the New Message box click on the Google Drive icon .

4. Select files using Google Drive, and click on My Drive.

Note: You have options to pick a folder or file from:

  • My Drive: You can access all folders and files you have saved on the Google Drive.
  • Shared Drives: You can access all the files and folders in a shared drive.
  • Shared with Me: You can access all attachments and documents sent to you or shared with you.
  • Recent: Choose from files you have recently uploaded.
  • Upload: You can select file(s) from your computer to upload.

Note: You can attach the file directly to the email or you can insert it as a Google Drive link to access the file. The Drive link option will open up a new tab in your Web Browser to display the file.

5.  Select the file(s) or folder(s) you want to send and click on Insert.

Note: You can select multiple files or folders at once by holding shift and clicking on each file or folder you wish to add.  You will see an attachment indicated in the New Message window.

6. In the New Message window, type the email address to whom you want to send a file or a folder to in the Recipient's text field. You can also CC or Bcc links to add a new set of recipients. On the Subject line, insert the subject matter of your email and click Send.

Warning: If the file you are sending is not shared with the recipient, you will receive a pop-up allowing you to share with the contacts in your message. Here you are able to specify sharing settings. If you do not share with the recipients, those individuals may not be unable to view the files.

Note: You have three options to pick from:

  • Can edit: The file or folder can be edited and shared with others
  • Can comment: A comment can be added to the file or folder, but it cannot be edited.
  • Can view: The file or folder cannot be edited or commented on.

7. Click Share & Send. The recipient will receive an email that a file or folder is sent.