Creating Appointment Slots (Students)

Learn how to schedule an appointment slot on your calendar that allows other people to schedule a meeting with you. For example, START creates appointment slots to allow students a way of reserving one on one time with our staff to assist them with their technical issues.


1. Go to and log in to your Triton Email/Employee Email account.

2. Once logged into your Triton Email/Employee Email account, click on the Google Apps Button in the top-right and a drop-down will appear. Select the Calendar app.

3. Switch the calendar view to either Day or Week. On your calendar, with your mouse cursor, click and drag across an area to select a time frame for your appointment.

Note: We recommend that you do not use your default Triton Email/Employee Email account calendar, because you will need to share this calendar with others.  Users can create an unlimited number of calendars that can be shared with others. In this example, we create a Calendar titled, ‘START Appointments’.

You can also click on any blank area to start creating your appointment.


4. When you have highlighted the time slot you want to make available, choose Appointment Slots. Give the appointments an appropriate title in the Add title text box.

5. Select START Appointments as the calendar to add the appointments.

Important: Make sure your Personal Calendar is not the calendar selected.

Click on More Options, and you may now decide to offer the appointments as a single appointment or a duration of your choosing.

6. Click Save and the appointments are added to the weekly schedule as available.