Managing Google Documents

Google Drive can be used to create private and collaborative documents. This tutorial will give you some basic instructions on the creation, organization, and management of your documents within Google Drive.


1. Go to and log in to your Triton Email/Employee Email account.

2. Click on the Google Apps button google_app.png and click Drive to enter your personal Google Drive.

Creating Documents

1. Create a Google document by selecting NEW from the Drive sidebar. By default, it will be placed in the currently active folder, in this case, My Drive.

Creating Folders

1. To create a new folder for managing documents, right-click on My Drive.

Select New Folder from the drop-down menu. It will ask for a Folder name. Enter a name and click create. This will create a folder accessible only by you.

Note: You can also create a new folder from the NEW button on the sidebar.

2. You can drag and drop your documents into folders by hovering over the chosen document, holding down your left mouse button, then simply dragging it to the intended folder and releasing the button.

Managing Folders

1. There are multiple ways for you to individualize and utilize your folders. Right-click on a folder and you will get a dialog box containing your options. Some of the most useful options are:

  • Share allows you to share the contents of a folder with anyone you wish by adding their email address to an access list.
  • Get shareable link allows you to share the contents of a folder by simply copying the URL of the folder and passing it on to whomever you wish.
  • Change color allows you to assign a color to a folder. This can be useful for specifying the importance of content.
  • Rename is an easy way to edit a folder’s name if you want to change it after creation.

2. You can also manage folders (and the documents within them) by dragging and dropping one folder onto another one. This will create a folder tree, which can help you micromanage subfolders within main folders.

Note: If you are not happy with your Drive management, you can simply continue to move folders around until you are happy.