How to Share a Google File

Learn how to share a Google File


1. Go to and log in to your Triton Email/Employee Email account.

2. Click on the Google apps section in the upper right-hand corner. Select Drive

3. Google Drive will open

4. Select New and choose file or folder to upload

5. Once you click on file upload or folder upload, you will need to find the location of the file/folder you want to upload. Click on Open.

6. Highlight the file that you want to share.

7. After you highlight the file, a little person with a plus sign next to it will pop up

8. Select the little person with the plus sign and a screen will pop up asking you to enter in the name or emails you would like to share the file with

9. Once you have typed the names/emails of those you wanna share it with, an icon on the bottom will say send.

10. You have the option of allowing those you share it with to make edits, comments only, or view only. Once you make these changes you can then send the folder.

Once you send the file/folder you will get a confirmation on the lower left of the screen.

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