Locked Out of Employee Email & Network Account

If you are locked out of your account, wait 15 minutes for it to automatically unlock and try logging in again. If you need to access your account sooner, follow the instructions below.


1. Proceed to the Employee Account Password Management (EmpPass) page

2. Click on Unlock Account

NOTE: You must be enrolled for security questions to use this feature. If you have not done this, contact the Service Desk to help you enroll for security questions.

3. Enter your Employee account username and click on Continue

4. Enter the answers to the security questions you have set for your account, and type in the captcha characters generated for confirmation

5. Click on Continue

6. Once verified, click on the Unlock Account button

7. Your account will be unlocked, and you may now log back in to Edmonds College Employee network systems

You will also receive an email confirmation in your Employee email inbox