How to Enroll for Security Questions in EmpPass (Employees)

Enroll for security in questions on the Employee Account Password Management (EmpPass) tool in order to have extensive options in recovering your account.

Benefits of Enrolling for Security Questions

  • Unlock your account
  • Reset your password anytime if you forgot your password or if it has expired
  • Save time by completing these actions without needing to contact the Service Desk


1. Proceed to EmpPass

2. On the left, log in using your Employee Account credentials

3. Select the Enrollment tab on the top-left

4. You may now enter your security question and answer information. Follow the prompts as shown

5. Click on Next

6. Success! You will now be enrolled for security questions. You may now use the self-service tools to manage your Employee network account.

Modify your Security Question/Answer

If you would like to modify your question/answer, you may follow steps 1-3, and click on the pencil icon to edit this information.