Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The following instructions will guide you through the steps needed to download software from Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.


1. In your browser, visit the Azure for Education page. Click Sign In.

2. You will be sent to a Microsoft Sign In page. Log in with your Triton Email login (

3. Check “I agree…” on the following terms.

4. You should be redirected to the Azure Education portal. To look for software downloads, click on the Software tab
5. Once you’re on the Software section, you may need to click on the red banner to accept the terms.

6. Check on “I agree..” to accept the terms. Next, click Accept and continue

7. You will be able to search for software titles in the Search field. You can search for software like Visio, Project, Access or Windows Server.

Congratulations! At this point, you should be able to download software for installation.