Set Up and Access Your Office Phone/Voicemail (Employees)

Accessing the Phone System Menu and Voicemail

Note: The first time you access the system, your PIN is set to 1234.

From an Edmonds College phone

  1. Dial ext. 8585 or press the voicemail button on your phone.
  2. Enter your PIN followed by #.

From an outside phone/non-Edmonds College number

  1. Dial (425) 640-1770.
  2. When prompted to enter an extension, press the (asterisk)* key.
  3. Dial your phone extension number and press #.
  4. Enter your PIN, then press #.

Setting Up Voicemail

From the system menu, you’ll be prompted to personalize your settings.

Record your name

● Press 4, then 3, then 2.
● Speak into the handset to record your name.
● Press #.

Record /change your greeting

After you have recorded your name, the system will give several options:

Regular greeting: ​ Press 411 and follow the prompts to record and save your greeting.
Alternate greeting: ​Press 412 and follow prompts to record, and then specify when your
alternate greeting should be used.

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