What Is My ctcLink ID? (Students)

Note: Read below for information on how to obtain your ctcLink ID number. If you still cannot locate your ctcLink ID, you must contact Enrollment Services. Enrollment Services manages student records and can assist you with obtaining your ctcLink ID.

  • New Students (Registered Spring Quarter 2021 and beyond): Your ctcLink ID number will be included in your admissions email.

  • Returning Students (Registered between January 2015 - Winter Quarter 2021): Prepare your old SID. This will be used to obtain your ctcLink ID when you activate your account. You may also use the Student ctcLink ID Lookup Tool which requires your old SID and PIN: CTCLINK ID LOOKUP (RETURNING STUDENTS)

  • Former Students (Registered anytime before 2015): You will need to reapply to Edmonds College to obtain your new ctcLink ID.

Reminder: It is important to take note of your ctcLink ID and keep it in a secure place for future reference

If you have already set up your ctcLink account, but you do not remember your ctcLink ID, you must contact Enrollment Services to obtain this information.
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