How to Reset ctcLink Password

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To reset your ctcLink password, your ctcLink account must already be activated. If you have not activated your ctcLink account, review the appropriate article below:


1. Go to the ctcLink Login page
2. Click on Password Help and select Reset Password
3. Enter your ctcLink ID and select your desired method to reset your password
4. Follow the instructions sent to your desired method of communication (Text, Voice Call, or Email)
Note: The password reset instructions are sent to the phone number or email address that you have set when you activated your ctcLink account
5. Your password will be reset right away. Log back in to ctcLink


  • If your ctcLink ID is not being recognized, please contact Enrollment Services to confirm that you have the correct ctcLink ID.
  • If you are experiencing issues with your security questions/answers, please contact the Edmonds College IT department by submitting a new ticket.

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