Adding Apps to Your Citrix Home Screen

Learn how to add apps on Citrix to your Citrix home tab. This process allows you to add your favorite apps to your home screen as soon as you log in to Citrix.


1. Log in to Citrix

2. Your Citrix Home page will look similar to the screenshot below

3. To create shortcuts to the apps you use the most such as CEIPlus or Purchasing Express click on the APPS tab at the middle top of the page in the green bar as shown below.

4. You should now see all available apps that you have access to in the APPS tab. If you don’t see any apps, submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

5. To add any of these apps to your Home screen, click the small star icon in the upper left corner of each app. When you click on it, the star will turn yellow, indicating that it has been selected:

6. Once you have finished selecting your APPS, click on the Home button at the top, to see your selected APPS on your Home screen. See the image below.

7. To remove APPS from your Home Screen, simply click the yellow star. The Star will turn to an outline and that APP will no longer appear on your Home page.