Setup Canon Copier on Mac Computers

Review the following article to learn how to set up a Canon copier on Mac devices and if needed, configure the department ID.

Before you Begin

Download the latest Canon Driver:

Double-click the downloaded .pkg file and follow the instructions to complete the installation.


1. Click the ‘Apple’ Icon and select ‘System Preferences’, then open ‘Printers & Scanners

2. Click the Plus + box to add a printer (bottom left of printer list): Example shown below:

3. In the Add box, select the IP icon, then select ‘Line Printer Daemon – LPD’ for ‘**Protocol:’ and type in the printer name (Labeled on front of printer) for ‘Address:**’ Example shown below:

4. Click the dropdown menu in ‘Use:’ and select ‘Select SoftwareExample shown below:

5. Scroll through the list of printers until you find the model that matches the Canon Copier you want to print to and click ‘OKExample shown below:

6. Once the printer is installed it should show up in the list of ‘Printers & ScannersExample shown below

7. To set up the Department ID (if configured), click the Canon Printer from the list of ‘Printers & Scanners’ and select ‘Options & Supplies

8. Click the ‘Utility’ tab and select ‘Open Printer Utility’. Next, click ‘Printer Information’ and select ‘OK’ once the Printer Information box identifies the printer configuration.

9. If configured for Department ID codes, click on ‘Department ID Management’ and check ‘Use Department ID Management(if not already checked) and type your user code (the same code used for copying) in ‘Department ID’. Click ‘Verify’ to ensure the correct configuration and click ‘Save Settings’. Example shown below