Student Printing Using an EdPass Card

Learn how to print using your EdPass card.


1. From a student PC, send a print job to the printer. Go to the print release station and wake the computer by pressing a key or moving the mouse

2. If this is your first time printing you must activate your EdPass

  • Log in with your Triton ID Username and Triton Access password

3. Once you have successfully logged in, you must swipe your EdPass card for your student account to be used.

4. Next you will see a screen that lists your print jobs. Click on the print job then click Print.

Information about Student Printing

  • You only have to sign in once. This signing-in is only to link your Triton Access account to your EdPass card. The next time you need to print, simply swipe your card.
  • Edmond College students get 25 free pages every quarter to print.
  • If you get an error message you must either add funds to your account or contact the EdPass office.

  • If you exit the library before you print, you will be able to pick up the print job at any other student print station on campus.  
  • There is a time limit(30min) on print job holding, so feel free to print multiple documents at a time.  
  • You can always choose not to print the job and it will not be charged against your account.

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