Resetting Browsers to Default Settings

Occasionally users suffer from a loss of functionality with their browsers. There are as many reasons for this as there are symptoms. For instance, they may lose their ability to print because of a plugin. This tutorial provides links to guides for resetting internet browsers back to default settings.

Note: Before following these directions, try updating your browser and restarting it to see if it resolves the issue.


Google Chrome

Article Link: Reset Chrome Settings to Default

  • You can access specific pages by copying the following into the address bar:
    • Settings - chrome://settings/
    • Plugins - chrome://plugins/
    • Extensions - chrome://extensions/

Mozilla Firefox

Article Link: Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings

Microsoft Edge 
1. Open Microsoft Edge, and click the menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the upper right corner.

The main menu highlighted in MS Edge.

2. Click Settings.

The Settings item selected in the main menu in MS Edge.

3. Click Reset Settings in the left pane.

Resetting Edge to default settings.

4. Click Restore settings to their default values.

The main restore settings in MS Edge.

5. Click Reset.

The Reset settings item in the main Settings menu of MS Edge.


Article Link: How to Reset Safari to Default Settings