Find an Edmonds College Printer IP Address (Windows)

Learn how to find out what the IP address is for your networked printer.

Typically you'll find the printer's network settings under Preferences, Options, or Wireless Settings (if it's a wireless printer).


  1. Using the printer's built-in menu.
  2. Checking the printer settings on your computer.
  3. View Wireless Details, to find the IP address.


1. Open Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Right-click on your printer and select Properties.

2. Right-click on your printer and select Printer Properties.

3. Select the Ports tab. You should see the IP address displayed in the Port field.

Find the IP Address by Issuing a Command (CMD)

1. Type CMD in the search button next to Windows icon

2. Type netstat -r

If your printer is connected via TCP/IP (not WSD), you'll see your printer displayed in the list of Active Routes in the IPv4 Route Table.