Change Language Preference in Word

Learn how to change the language setting in Microsoft Word. You can use the Office language options to add a language or to choose the language in which the Help and ScreenTips display.


1. Within any Office application, select File > Options > Language.

2. If your language already appears among the editing languages click Set as Default. Otherwise, select the language from the Add additional editing languages in the dropdown list then click the Add button. The new language will appear in the list of editing languages.

3. If the Keyboard Layout shows as Enabled you're all set for editing. If it says Not enabled in the Keyboard Layout column follow these steps to enable it:

4. Click the Not enabled link.

5. In the Add Languages dialog box, click Add a language, select your language in the list, and then click Add.

6. Close the Add Languages dialog box. Your language should display as Enabled under Keyboard Layout in the Choose Editing Languages section.

7. Under Proofing, if your language shows as Installed you're ready to go.