Dell Laptop Microphone Issue

Problem: The user reports members of video calls (Google Meets, Zoom, etc.) being unable to hear or understand them. Microphone audio (input) is distorted, or volume phases in and out.

Cause: Dell utilizes a tool called "MaxxAudioPro" or “Waves MaxxAudioPro” to enhance the audio input and output experience. This software attempts to filter background noises and automatically adjust the microphone gain.


NOTE: Do not uninstall "MaxxAudioPro." Uninstalling this application can cause issues with the sound driver down the road.

1. Guide the user to the Start menu, scroll down the list and have the user click "MaxxAudioPro" or “Waves MaxxAudioPro.”  

2. Guide the user to select the circle above "Voice." They will need to click within the circle, clicking the text doesn't work. They should see something like this.

3. Toggle the slider to OFF on the upper left. The display should now look like this, and the issue will be resolved.

Optional: If the user reports audio playback distortion, I highly recommend turning the playback EQ off. Select the speaker icon on the far left of the "MaxxAudioPro" window.