Set a Homepage in Firefox

Learn how to change the homepage (starting page) when you first open Firefox.


1. Open Firefox and open the Firefox menu, represented by 3 horizontal lines in the top-right corner, and click Options.

2. Click on Home on the left side of the screen. After clicking Home, you will see the options for Homepage and new tabs

3. Next to Homepage and new windows, click the dropdown and you have 3 options.

  • If you choose Firefox Home (Default) you will need to edit the settings below the dropdown to customize your homepage
  • If you choose Custom URLs… you will be prompted to enter in the site you’d like to go to upon opening Firefox. You can type in the website you’d like, or Use Current Page to choose the current tab(s) you have open and it will open all the websites as separated by a vertical line
  • Or you can use a bookmark you’ve already created by clicking Use Bookmark

You can also choose Blank Page to open a blank page upon starting Firefox

4. For opening new tabs, you have the option of Firefox Home or a Blank page