How to Import or Export Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Learn how to import and export bookmarks in Google Chrome. Bookmarks are a convenient way to save and visit frequently visited websites.


1. Decide if you want to import bookmarks from another web browser into Google Chrome or export bookmarks from Google Chrome into another web browser

2. Click the menu button located at the top right corner

3. If you want to import, click Import bookmarks and settings

4. Then you just need to choose which browser you want to import from, and which items you want to import

How to Export

1. Click the menu in Google Chrome by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select Bookmark Manager or press CTRL + SHIFT + O

2. In the top right corner of the Bookmarks Manager click on the 3 vertical dots to access the menu and click Export bookmarks.

3. You will be prompted to save your bookmarks as an HTML document

4. Save this and then import this file into the browser of your choice