Adding Language in Keyboard on Windows 10

Learn how to change the keyboard language through the Control Panel in a Windows operating system. Users will be able to type in another language’s characters.


1. Click the Start button on the lower left hand corner of your desktop screen, and then type in the Control Panel.

2. After the Control Panel window opens, make sure View by: is set to Category in the top right of the window. Users must click the Add a language under Clock, Language, and Region option.

3. After the Change keyboards window appears, Keyboards and Languages tab and then users must click the Add a language.

4. After you select your desired language, press Add which is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the window.


After adding the language users want, select that language and the user can click Options, which will be located on the right side.

If users want to add a different keyboard layout, click on Add an input method.

5. In the Add an input method section, users can choose from different keyboard languages and layouts. The user can choose the keyboard needed and then click the Add button.

6. Change the keyboard option by clicking the Language bar located near the taskbar (on the lower right-hand corner of user's desktop).

Note: The option to change keyboards will not appear on the taskbar until there is more than 1 keyboard to choose from.