Adding Language in Keyboard on Windows 7

Learn how to change the keyboard language through the Control Panel in a Windows 7 operating system. Users will be able to type in another language’s characters.


1. Click the Start button on the lower left-hand corner of your desktop screen, and then choose Control Panel.

2. After the Control Panel window opens, users must click the Change keyboards or other input method under Clock, Language, and Region option.

3. After the Change keyboards or other input method window appears, Keyboards and Languages tab and then users must click the Change keyboards… button.

4. After the Text Services and Input Languages window opens, click the Add... button which is located under the General tab.

5. In the Add Input Language, users can choose various different language that users desired to put and just click the “[+] Language”, and click “[+] Keyboard”, and the users can choose the keyboard needed by clicking the empty box to [✓], and then the users can proceed by clicking the OK button.

6. Change the keyboard option by clicking the language bar located near the taskbar (on the lower right hand corner of users desktop).