Show Blocked Pop-ups on Google Chrome

Review the following article to learn how to show blocked pop-ups in Google Chrome. If you visit a site using Google Chrome but it won't load because the pop-up was blocked, follow the instructions below.


1. Open Google Chrome

2. Open the website that is blocking your pop-ups.

3. When a pop-up is blocked, something similar to the images below will appear on the right side of the address bar. Click on this icon.

Note: When a pop-up is blocked, the text “Pop-up blocked” (top image) will appear.  Moments later, the text disappears and only the icon remains (bottom image).

4. From the dropdown you can click on each pop-up individually and it will show that pop-up for 1 time only. Or you can click Always allow pop-ups and redirects from (website address) and pop-ups from that site will not be blocked in the future.

Optional: For even further control, click Manage. This screen tells you which sites have been blocked and which have been unblocked.

Note: If you click Blocked at the top, it will switch to Allow and allow all pop-ups. This is not recommended.