Recommended Browser Settings (Firefox)

This tutorial explains how to modify Firefox’s settings, tuning them to maximize user privacy, and security while browsing. The overall goal is to make the browser save as little information as possible. Settings and menu appearances may vary depending on the version of Firefox you are running.


1. Open the Firefox browser.

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the browser, click the three bars denoting the Open Menu option .

3. Once the menu drops down, click on Settings.

4. Go to the Privacy & Security tab indicated by the padlock icon.

5. Set all options to the settings displayed in the picture.

  • Under Enhanced Tracking Protection, select Custom, and set the dropdown to Only in Private Windows.
  • Under History, click the drop-down menu and select Never remember history.
  • Under Permissions > Location, click on Settings and check Block new requests asking to access your location**.** Click on Save Changes

5. Go to the Privacy & Security tab indicated by the padlock icon. Check off the options as shown in the picture.

  • Select Warn you when websites try to install add-ons
  • Select Block dangerous and deceptive content
  • Select Block dangerous downloads
  • Select Warn you about unwanted and uncommon software
  • Deselect Ask to save logins and passwords for websites
  • Deselect Use a Primary Password

6. Go to the General tab indicated by the gear icon. Then scroll down to the Browsing section

Check off the options as shown

  • Deselect Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages
  • Deselect Search for text when I start typing.