Unable to Log in to the Student Prerequisite Check Reports

*This information is under review

If you are an Edmonds College employee unable to log into the Student prerequisite check report, please review the following:

The student prerequisite check reports site is not working with my logon

  • Possible cause: Wrong login detail; login credentials have changed
  • What to try: Use your username (ex: john.doe or jdoe) and password to log in

The student prerequisite check is not displaying correctly

  • Possible cause: Browser incompatibility could be the culprit
  • What to try: Chrome is preferred browser

I can’t find the prerequisite site

  • Possible cause: You need to be logged into IBC (login with SID and PIN)
  • What to try: Left-hand side of Instructor Briefcase

You must have your Employee SID, Employee PIN and Employee network account credentials to access this tool.

If you still can’t login into the Student Prerequisite Check Reports, please submit a service request ticket.

Access the Student Prerequisite check through Instructor Briefcase: Instructor Briefcase