How to Sign Up for Triton Alert

If you're a student, employee, or community partner of Edmonds College, you can sign up to receive emergency communications through email and/or text message.


  • Username: Your Triton ID number
  • Password: The password associated with your Triton ID


  • Username: The beginning of your employee email address (firstname.lastname without
  • Password: Your most current employee email password

Note: All employees must have a "Campus" email address ( identified in ctcLink in order for Triton Alert to work, not a personal or “Home” email address.

This can be changed in ctcLink HCM - Self Service:

  1. Login to ctcLink
  2. Select Personal Details
  3. Select Contact Details
  4. Select the Email field
  5. The Email type should be “Campus,” and the Email Address should end with
  6. Once changes are made, it will take until the following morning for all data systems to update

Community Partners

  • Username: Your Rave login
  • Password: Your Rave password

Opt-Out of Triton Alert

You can opt-out of Triton Alert text messaging at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

You cannot opt-out your Edmonds College-associated email address ( and or work phone number.

You can remove your personal email and phone numbers from the Triton Alert system. If the alerts persist through email, you must refer to your personal email address settings and block ‘’; as another option, you can create an email filter that will dispose of the alerts and keep them from notifying you.

Learn more about Emergency Communications

Other Ways to Get Notified

  1. The Edmonds College website will show alerts as a banner*, temporarily visible at the top of most pages
  2. Your Canvas dashboard will have a similar notification banner*
  3. The college will share alerts via the official Facebook and Twitter pages

*These banners can be hidden as needed, but the option to view them will remain for the duration of the need for emergency communications.